Meal Planning Made Easy: Minimalistic & Simplified Meal Planner


This minimalistic, weekly meal planner includes: spaces on weekly pages for meal plans, notes for items that you already have or need to buy.


This minimalistic, no-fluff weekly meal planner includes a weekly page for you to plan each day of the week for a full year.
Have you ever tried to plan a meal where you rolled up the ingredients for an entire menu in one list, only to be mentally selecting or ticking with a pen what you have or don’t have?

Our minimalistic planner streamlines this process for you with dedicated spaces on each (weekly) page for:

  • Different meal times for the seven (7) days of the week.
  • Ingredients/items that you already have in your cupboard with respect to the meals planned
  • Ingredients/items that you need to buy with respect to the meals planned
  • Places where “what I don’t have” ingredients are available for your convenience.

This planner also includes a lined-page for you to jot down additional free-form notes.

Perfect for single people on the go, large and small families alike, and for planning daycare meals and athletic meals.







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