Return Policy

We thank you for your interest and support in our products. However, due to the nature of our operations and offerings, we currently have a no refund, no return policy. Kindly read the below for further details. 

Proprietary Products

Achieved currently do not provide any payment gateways for our products through its own Website. We may showcase a catalogue of our offerings where purchases can be made through our third-party partner Sites such as Amazon among others. Please read the return policies for these respective Sites before making a purchase. Once a purchase is finalized, all disputes, returns and queries shall be made through these partners.

We may also include affiliate products in our catalogue/shop through our affiliate partners. See below for more information on purchases made through our affiliate links.

Affiliate Products

We may offer products (tangible and digital) through affiliate links placed within our store (and throughout our website). Once a linked is clicked, you will be taken directly to the affiliate’s website where payment for the desired product is made to the affiliate partner. Although we may receive a commission from these purchases, we accept no responsibility for the quality and standards of the products purchased. Likewise, the refund policies of such products are subject to that of the affiliate partner. We encourage you to read any such agreements before making a purchase, and query disputes with said partners.

Contacting us

If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints regarding this refund policy, we encourage you to contact us using the form below:

This document was last updated on December 21, 2021